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From Optimism to Opportunity: Evolving Impacts of AI on Precision Medicine

The explosion of generative AI and, specifically, large language models (LLMs), has created renewed energy, focus and promise around the hype of AI impacting the R&D lifecycle. Generative AI is revolutionizing precision medicine clinical trial planning, execution, and operations. Organizations are increasingly recognizing its potential, rallying behind AI initiatives. The race is on – the race to leverage AI as a force multiplier, knowledge amplifier and value generator, ultimately accelerating time-to-insight. In this post, we explore concrete ways in which generative AI can deliver on these promises.

AI-Enabled Biomarker Intelligence — QuartzBio at Bio-IT World 2024

Discussions were lively at the “Digitization of Clinical Development & Clinical Trials” symposium at last week’s Bio-IT World conference. Addressing an audience of biotech and pharma IT and data leaders, QuartzBio’s Tobi Guennel gave a provocative presentation on how deploying generative AI can amplify the ability of precision medicine approaches to accelerate drug development.

Key Takeaways: Biomarker Intelligence Summit, March 2024 

Last week, biomarker intelligence leaders from Boston-area R&D organizations got a firsthand look at the powerful predictive and prescriptive intelligence that will soon infuse QuartzBio’s AI Biomarker Intelligence Platform, after sharing common challenges facing data-rich precision medicine clinical programs.

Tell me what I don’t know: AI-enhanced decisions in biomarker-informed trials

Tobi Guennel, PhD, QuartzBio’s Senior Vice President of Product & Chief Architect, energized the Biomarkers & Precision Medicine track at SCOPE 2024 by showing how generative AI can address challenges faced biospecimen and biomarker operations teams, as well as clinical and translational teams, when gathering insights on samples across all parts of a complex biomarker data ecosystem.

Join QuartzBio at SCOPE 2024 | Booth #300

Join QuartzBio at SCOPE 2024, the Summit for Clinical Operations Executives, at Booth 300. We’ll be presenting “Tell me what I don’t know: AI-enhanced decisions in biomarker-informed trials” here you’ll learn about deploying generative AI in drug development.

Meet a QuartzBio Employee: Katie Berola 

QuartzBio’s team has deep experience in technology-enabled solutions for the life science industry. In this blog series, we invited you to get to know a member of the QuartzBio team. This month, we are delighted to talk with Katie Berola, Director of virtual Sample Inventory Management.

Webinar: Unifying Clinical & Biomarker Data

Join Bill Hall for a webinar demo of the QuartzBio® enterprise Biomarker Data Management solution. We’ll show you how to generate patient profiles to view tumor burden over course of treatment, explore multi-marker views of patient profiles, and cross-reference biomarker measures across file types.