Video: The journey of clinical samples and their derivatives is complex.

Sample intelligence made easy.

Clinical samples traverse a complex path, with data located in multiple systems, which may not be “sponsor-centric.” Sponsor teams have implemented the QuartzBio® virtual Sample Inventory Management (vSIM) solution to gain visibility.

Here’s how different teams are using the solution:

  • Biospecimen / Biomarker Operations: Tracking samples and consent status across the biospecimen lifecycle​, making sure that the right samples and data arrive at the right place, on time.
  • Clinical Operations: Addressing discrepancies before database lock, monitoring site and vendor performance and retraining sites if needed
  • Translational Research: Monitoring sample availability, quality and consent status to properly plan batch testing runs

To create a true force amplifier and decision accelerator, we’ve built our AI-powered Virtual Assistant for vSIM. Get answers on sample availability, testing status, consent and location, by simply asking a question to the Virtual Assistant in natural language. Easily consume and act on the answers, without having to dig through the data or be an expert in the underlying data structures.