Modern drug development leverages massive amounts of biomarker data—these data contain critical information to inform decision-making. The problem? They are generated from diverse assays across multiple laboratories. To harness the information, you first must harmonize the data into a singular platform. QuartzBioSM, from Precision for Medicine, can help.
Harmonize–bring together data from flow cytometry, immunosequencing, transcriptome profiling and more.
Visualize–rapidly explore over 10 million data points.
Share–send data to collaborators within and across institutions.

Combining technology and expertise, QuartzBio reduces your time and cost by orders of magnitude, mitigating major risks to your study and trial outcomes. Our team of data scientists and computational biologists, computational immunologists, informaticians, and data managers utilize our proprietary biomarker data management technology platform—a scalable, cloud-based technology—to enhance your efficiency and enable real-time decision-making.

Precision for Medicine supports life sciences companies in the use of biomarkers essential to targeting patients more precisely and effectively. Precision applies novel biomarker approaches to clinical research that take advantage of the latest advancements in science and technology, focusing predominantly on genomics, immune-response assays, global specimen logistics, biomarker analytics, companion diagnostics, and clinical trial execution.