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Delivering the platform for personalized medicine

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QuartzBioSM unites a unique technology with an unparalleled breadth of expertise to help life sciences companies reveal the hidden subgroups of patients who will most benefit from a given therapy, delivering the means for truly personalized medicine.

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On both sides of the Atlantic, we have combined a highly diverse team of computational scientists—specialists in informatics,  statistics, computational biology, and computational immunology—with biological scientists whose specialties span cell biology, immunology, and physics. We then extend our reach through Precision for Medicine’s best-in-class specialty lab services.

Our scientists harness the QuartzBio platform—a scalable, cloud-based solution capable of integrating high-content and high-throughput data to access all layers of complex data modeling within biological systems.

The result:
By harmonizing, analyzing, and visualizing reams of biomarker data produced in early-stage research, QuartzBio delivers an unprecedented opportunity for life sciences companies to accelerate their research—saving time and money, avoiding dead ends, and facilitating success.

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Precision for Medicine supports life sciences companies in the use of biomarkers essential to targeting patients more precisely and effectively. Precision applies novel biomarker approaches to clinical research that take advantage of the latest advancements in science and technology, focusing predominantly on genomics, immune-response assays, global specimen logistics, biomarker analytics, companion diagnostics, and clinical trial execution.