QuartzBio at ASCO 2024 Precision Medicine LLM

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll experience when you demo QuartzBio’s AI-enabled Biomarker Intelligence Platform, powered by the first Precision Medicine LLM Ecosystem, at booth #15143:

  • Meet QuartzBio’s AI Virtual Assistant: Transform the way you access, interact with, and extract value from their sample and biomarker data via conversational AI – ask your data a question and get answers in seconds.
  • Explore integrated sample and biomarker data: Conversationally interact with sample and biomarker data, connected to clinical annotations, across programs. Overcome the challenges of disparate data sources, siloed technologies, and fragmented insights with a unified, AI-enabled ecosystem.
  • Unlock smarter, faster decisions: Learn how our precision medicine large language models (PM-LLMs) use the power of generative AI to facilitate decision-making in areas including patient / dose selection, target identification, and streamlining trial operations.

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Example applications and benefits of conversational AI for precision medicine, translational research, biomarker / sample operations and data science teams:

Applications of conversational AI in precision development