2024 Biomarker Intelligence Summit Recap - Boston

Last week, biomarker intelligence leaders from Boston-area R&D organizations got a firsthand look at the powerful predictive and prescriptive intelligence that will soon infuse QuartzBio’s AI Biomarker Intelligence Platform, after sharing common challenges facing data-rich precision medicine clinical programs. 

Even though our guests represented organizations that varied in size, number of clinical trials, and therapeutic area, they all shared the challenges of disconnected technology and data ecosystems. Over three million data points are generated per clinical trial and over 70% of that data comes from labs. Sponsor organizations are realizing that they are missing opportunities to advance precision medicine if they do not address their data and technology challenges. 

The challenges of disconnected technology and data ecosystems in clinical trials result in delays, fragmented insights, and missed opportunities.

Guest speaker and AI expert, Srivatsan Nagaraja, described the potential of generative AI (GAI) and large language models to overcome these challenges and speed decision-making; not surprisingly, 76% of biopharma companies are investing in AI.

The numbers -- Generative AI overcomes data challenges, speeds decisions.

Srivatsan left the audience with two takeaways:

“Generative AI is not going away – and the journey is as important as the destination.”

The journey, in this context, refers to

  1. How the GAI model is trained and prompted – ideally, by subject matter experts and domain-specific knowledge, iteratively improving the value derived from AI
  2. The quality, structure, and format of the underlying data

The QuartzBio team gave a quick demo of their AI-powered Biomarker Intelligence Platform, showing guests how they could get a 360° look around their sample ecosystem in seconds.

We wrapped up the Biomarker Intelligence Summit with a networking happy hour and hands-on exploration stations. Guests interacted with QuartzBio’s conversational AI Virtual Assistant, experiencing how it could help derive valuable insights quickly and easily.

Have a burning question for our team and/or the QuartzBio AI Virtual Assistant?