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Duration: 30 minutes

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Biomarker data can be time-consuming to clean and prepare for analysis, because assay results data files are often disconnected and have inconsistent formats.

This “data chaos” prevents translational, clinical, and bioinformatics teams from extracting insights to advance therapeutic development.

Join the webinar led by Adam Brown and Mike Waters, who will show how using a unified biomarker data management solution to acquire and process biomarker data, connected to clinical and sample data, empowers teams to break down data silos, creating an integrated data asset across the enterprise.

You’ll learn how the QuartzBio® enterprise Biomarker Data Management solution enables teams to:

  • Systematically verify data quality, consistency, and availability with automated checks
  • Navigate and explore cleaned, annotated data at scale across your entire portfolio—whether a single program or hundreds of studies, at all phases of development
  • Link assay and clinical data across file types from any assay technology–transcriptomics, genomics, proteomics, flow cytometry, imaging, and more
  • Explore and visualize biomarker trends across cohorts, subjects, and timepoints and perform exploratory analyses to surface signals of interest
  • Integrate non-clinical/pre-clinical data to further enhance your data asset 

During the presentation, the team will highlight how QuartzBio’s scalable data standardization and integration technology helps scientists shorten time from data acquisition to data insight and exploration of historically siloed data.

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Who should attend:
Translational Research teams, Biomarker Strategy teams, Clinical/Biomarker Data Science teams, Clinical Development teams, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology teams, Office of the CIO/CTO, Data Management teams