Join QuartzBio at the SCOPE 2022 Summit for the “Clinical Biomarkers Operations and Innovation” track on February 8-9.

PRESENTATION: “30 Days to an Annotated Virtual Repository — Without Changing DTAs”

Clinical and biomarker operations teams can create ongoing visibility into sample collection, processing and testing by linking biospecimen metadata, informed consent, and biomarker data across multiple LIMS and inventories.
Mike Waters will share how teams are using technology to access a single source of truth for sample inventory management.

You’ll see how this approach helps clinical and translational teams:

  • Address site performance, data quality, and query resolution on study, before database lock
  • Gain forward-looking visibility into expected sample collection
  • Save resources using stored samples to advance research beyond the current program
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Mike Waters, Vice President of Sales, QuartzBio

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