Generating Value from Public, Large Scale, Biomedical Datasets-video thumbnail

February 1, 2021 — Translational and clinical researchers everywhere are harnessing public multiomics data sets to accelerate R&D. Renée Deehan, Ph.D., VP of Computational Biology at QuartzBio, described the enormous potential of public, real-world data at a panel discussion hosted by OBN.

The way we are working with real world data is coupling molecular measurements together with clinical data. And now what we’re seeing is that more and more public repositories are aggregating this real-world molecular data as we have it. Everyone is beginning to tap into resources like this, and try and figure out how they can take advantage of data that extraordinary scientists are putting out into the public domain every day.

From a real-world molecular data standpoint, we can integrate these with clinical data. This can yield insights about drug mechanisms, line expansion, etc — other R&D challenges we have in personalized medicine. We’re very lucky, and lots of us are really taking advantage of this.”