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Keeping track of clinical trial samples across multiple sites and vendors can be manual and tedious (recent post) — we have demonstrated how virtual Sample Inventory Management can streamline the day-to-day reporting of sample collections, shipments, and discrepancies (webinar series).

With so much time and resources being spent addressing daily challenges, sponsors often lack the resources and technology to pursue enterprise-level strategies for planning future clinical trials.

In this post, we list some of the key strategic imperatives for biomarker and clinical operations teams, and how can they be addressed by creating wide visibility across vendor and site performance.

Operational Strategy Imperatives for Planning Clinical Trials 

Informed vendor and site selection for future studies. Biomarker operations metrics can vary from study to study. Performance data across multiple vendors and sites can facilitate risk-based decision making.

Vendor relationship management on-study, so that samples are processed and tested on time and deliver quality data. Central labs and downstream testing labs can find it challenging to project when to expect samples, given unpredictable enrollment, geographic impacts on sample shipments, and varied levels of patient consent.

Testing is even more challenging when sample volume or sample quality issues arise. By providing labs with better sample information, sponsors and labs can collaborate to optimize turnaround times and plan batch testing.

Nurturing investigator relationships. Investigators can be the key to accessing and enrolling narrow patient populations. Monitoring and optimizing turnaround times for screening samples can ensure investigators that they will get the information needed to enroll patients reliably and in a timely manner.

Optimize protocol training and risk management. Sponsors are making significant investments in site training. With access to a single source of information enabling site performance monitoring, sponsors can optimize training programs, minimize protocol deviations, and manage risk – either to course-correct mid-study or to plan future studies.

Operational Insights Revealed with QuartzBio virtual Sample Inventory Management (vSIM) Solution 

Sponsors are using QuartzBio’s vSIM solution to harmonize historically disconnected systems and data, revealing enterprise-level operational insights. Key stakeholders across organizations can access this centralized platform.

Register for our upcoming webinar for a closer look at how the QuartzBio® data platform creates program and enterprise-wide visibility into site and vendor metrics that inform current and future study planning.