Bioinformatics Strategy Meeting QuartzBio 2022

May 23: Join QuartzBio at the Bioinformatics Strategy Meeting East Coast

Join QuartzBio at the 8th Annual Bioinformatics Strategy Meeting East Coast USA for the “Omics-Driven Approaches” track on 23 May 2022.

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: "Turning Multi-omic Data Chaos into Translational Insights"

Mike Waters of QuartzBio will facilitate a discussion among 10-15 industry leaders around critical topics relevant to biomarker-rich clinical trials:

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Breadth Depth Use case BDM image 20220118

From IHC to Immune Profiling: Managing Data Breadth and Depth to Inform Clinical Programs

January 10, 2022 — With immuno-oncology assets progressing in the clinic, a growing biotechnology company we work with faces an increasingly common challenge:

Their trials are generating large datasets across a wide range of assay modalities (Figure 1), but the data remains siloed.

In addition to clinical data coming from the clinical research organization (CRO), the velocity of data coming from an assay services laboratory continuously delivering biomarker data from flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, and genomics platforms quickly becomes overwhelming. Still another, separate data stream comes from a specialty laboratory delivering T-cell receptor (TCR) profiling data.

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From Translational Teams to Biomarker Operations: The Cross-Functional Impact of a Fragmented Clinical Trial Data Ecosystem

August 31, 2021 — Clinical samples are moving across an increasing number of physical/virtual locations and data is delivered in an expanding array of file formats as clinical trials become increasingly more complex and data rich (report).

Biospecimens are analyzed using a variety of assay technologies, each generating its own set of reportables, quality control metrics and data/file formats. Data is delivered through multiple, disconnected pipelines (Figure 1).

This complexity creates obstacles for many functional groups within sponsor organizations:

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Webinar Biomarker Data Chaos QuartzBio

Webinar On Demand: Transcending Biomarker Data Chaos

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Title: Transcending Biomarker Data Chaos: How Integrating Disparate PK, Clinical & Exploratory Data Enables Deep Translational Insights

Duration: 30 minutes

You will see how teams unlock translational intelligence:

  • Navigate vast exploratory data – identify trends and data points of interest
  • Surface insights – analyze biomarker trends in collaborative dashboards across subject IDs, time points, response status, and treatment groups
  • Access data rapidly – point and click navigation to underlying data files to interrogate the raw data behind the summary values
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