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Tell me what I don’t know: AI-enhanced decisions in biomarker-informed trials

Tobi Guennel, PhD, QuartzBio’s Senior Vice President of Product & Chief Architect, energized the Biomarkers & Precision Medicine track at SCOPE 2024 by showing how generative AI can address challenges faced biospecimen and biomarker operations teams, as well as clinical and translational teams, when gathering insights on samples across all parts of a complex biomarker data ecosystem. Read More →
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4 Strategic Imperatives for Clinical and Biomarker Operations 

Keeping track of clinical trial samples across multiple sites and vendors can be manual and tedious (recent post) -- we have demonstrated how virtual Sample Inventory Management can streamline the day-to-day reporting of sample collections, shipments, and discrepancies (webinar series).

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Streamlining vendor oversight: Monitoring site-level and laboratory performance across multiple oncology trials

The challenge: Maintaining clinical trial timelines dependent on vendor performance

A global biotechnology company with seven clinical-phase programs approached QuartzBio with a challenge shared by many organizations in the industry -- overall assessment of clinical trial vendors and sites was time-consuming and unreliable, given global site footprints, complex sample lifecycles, and inconsistent naming across sites and vendors.

Tasked with preparing regular executive summaries, the company’s clinical and biomarker operations teams were spending significant time deriving trial-wide key performance indicators (KPIs), lacking visibility into vendor performance – and challenged to translate current experience into future study Read More →

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6 Critical Discrepancy Reports for Effective Clinical Operations

February 9, 2022 — Clinical operations leaders use the QuartzBio® virtual Sample Inventory Management (vSIM) solution to maintain robust visibility across sample collection and processing status, consent status, and sample and derivative quality information.

Traditionally, generating these reports is frustratingly time-consuming – often involving spreadsheets that attempt to manually link key information from the EDC, central labs, testing labs, and biorepositories to illuminate critical information like discrepancies or missed collections.

The QuartzBio team has identified six critical on-study reports that our clients prioritize as absolutely required for effective sample and biomarker operations.

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