Brenda Yanak -- Biospecimens

Spotlight on Specimens: Innovations in Biospecimen Management May Transform Precision Medicine 

In a recent article titled, “The Criticality of Specimen Management to Precision Medicine,” Brenda Yanak warned drug developers against minimizing the importance of biospecimens, so often overlooked during biomarker development. Read More →
Meet a QuartzBio Employee: Caitlin Cook

Meet a QuartzBio Employee: Caitlin Cook

QuartzBio’s team has deep experience in technology-enabled solutions for the life science industry. In this blog series, we invited you to get to know a member of the QuartzBio team.

This month, we are delighted to talk with Caitlin Cook, QuartzBio’s Director, Customer Success. After learning about Caitlin here, please feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn.

  1. In your own words, what do you do?
    Modern drug development is a collaborative process involving a multitude of stakeholders - from scientists and researchers to data analysts and regulatory professionals. My team’s role is to Read More →
QuartzBio Digitizing Biomarker Operations webinar June 2023

Webinar On Demand: Digitizing Biomarker Operations​–Tools to Track & Report Sample, Consent, Vendor, & Site KPIs Across Programs​

Join our webinar to learn how our clients, representing major biopharmas and biotechnology companies, have eliminated tedious data management processes and costly delays with the QuartzBio® virtual Sample Inventory Management SaaS solution.​ Read More →
AI-ML processes in drug development by QuartzBio 202305

Unleashing Innovative, AI/ML-Based Processes While Reducing Risks for Drug Development

AI/ML can be a powerful, error-reducing tool for managing clinical sample data as well as biomarker data. AI/ML-based tools should not replace human judgment, particularly for insight generation, at least until AI/ML-based tools are extensively and rigorously validated (as any piece of critical software would be). Furthermore, regulatory compliance and data privacy are of utmost importance and must be considered when building and using solutions that leverage generative AI frameworks. However, near-term applications of AI/ML can dramatically improve any tedious process involving a human inspecting data. We list some of these processes in the box below, along with steps we Read More →