QuartzBio Digitizing Biomarker Operations webinar June 2023

Duration: 30 minutes

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“Sample tracking and reconciliation are so much easier when all information around sample status, consent, and location are in one place.”​

–Director of Biomarker Operations, QuartzBio Client Company N​

Watch our webinar to learn how our clients, representing major biopharmas and biotechnology companies, have eliminated tedious data management processes and costly delays with the QuartzBio® virtual Sample Inventory Management SaaS solution.​

QuartzBio’s Adam Brown, PhD, demonstrates new capabilities of our technology, enabling teams to:​

  • Track samples across every stage of their lifecycle with dynamic reports comparing actual and expected sample status​
  • Proactively monitor sample stability and consent expiration with automated notifications​
  • Quickly and accurately identify samples to ship for testing using intuitive Sample Ship List generator​
  • Report on portfolio-level metrics and vendor and site performance across all clinical programs, including closed and active studies, to inform future planning​

Adam also shows QuartzBio’s reimagined user interface*, which empowers teams to gain insights efficiently without requiring data expertise. Whether you are a current user or learning about the technology for the first time, you will learn new ways to immediately begin streamlining your work.​

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*Current QuartzBio Users: Questions about when you can expect rollout of the new user interface for your account? Contact us!