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Duration: 30 minutes

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Complex sample operations, disparate vendors, inconsistent metadata across labs are common challenges sponsors face when keeping track of samples across clinical programs. ​

Join our webinar to learn how sponsor teams are creating consistent, portfolio-level approaches for tracking sample status and location and uncovering insights into vendor/site/country-level performance.

You’ll see how virtual Sample Inventory Management:​

  • Ensures the right samples get to the right labs on time for testing, with cross-program visibility into collection, derivatives, and processing.  ​
  • Tracks consent status, including optional consents, for all samples, so that testing is performed in compliance. ​
  • Maintains insights into site and vendor performance across studies with rigorous, transparent quality control ​
  • Ingests data from any source, as-is according to existing DTAs, and harmonizes nomenclature with a common data dictionary ​
  • Enables discrepancy identification and query management across all vendors involved in sample lifecycles. ​

Who should join:

Clinical Operations teams, Biomarker Operations teams, Translational Research teams, Office of the CIO/CTO, Data Management teams

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About the presenter:

QuartzBio, part of Precision for Medicine, delivers end-to-end SaaS solutions to accelerate drug development.