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Duration: 30 minutes

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Translational and clinical research teams spend more than 70% of their time wrangling information from disconnected clinical trial data sets. 

Data ends up in silos, making it hard to compile information and surface insights. 

Watch this short webinar, where Adam Brown and Mike Waters will demonstrate how integrating exploratory biomarker, PK, and clinical data in a unified data platform enables teams to interrogate trends and identify insights as data is generated on-study. 

You’ll see how the QuartzBio data platform enables teams to:

  • Navigate and explore cleaned, annotated data at scale with a platform built to accommodate any assay technology – transcriptomics, genomics, proteomics, flow cytometry, imaging, and more. 
  • Link assay and clinical data across file types and data owners from various storage solutions, cloud databases, or file transfer protocols.
  • Explore biomarker trends across subjects and time points with data from each assay.   

This presentation highlights how our team’s data integration technology enables the exploration of historically siloed data. 

Who should join:

Translational Research teams, Biomarker Strategy teams, Clinical Development teams, Office of the CIO/CTO, Data Management teams

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About the presenter:

QuartzBio, part of Precision for Medicine, delivers technology-enabled solutions to accelerate drug development.