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February 18, 2022 — At our first in-person conference in over a year, the QuartzBio team had a chance to connect with biomarker operations and clinical operations teams in Orlando, Florida, earlier this month.

In the “Clinical Biomarkers Operations and Innovation” track, we joined discussions on the latest approaches to structuring clinical sample management to best support complex biomarker-informed clinical trials.

Here are three recurring challenges we heard about at SCOPE this year:

  • Monitoring sample derivatives: Maintaining the link between samples and their derivatives is challenging, particularly for clinical programs focused on oncology, autoimmune, and other therapeutic areas involving multiple downstream specialty labs.
  • Assay results data chaos: While many teams have made progress toward gaining visibility into their sample inventories, that visibility hasn’t extended to biomarker assay results, particularly exploratory / multi-omic data sets. When academic labs are involved, the data streams can be even more difficult to ingest.
  • Inconsistent nomenclature: One barrier to integrating assay results data is the lack of consistent nomenclature. We heard about sponsors’ efforts to encourage common data standards within their organizations and to drive vendors to adopt those standards via rigorous data transfer agreements, but no clear solution is emerging.

We were able to address some of these challenges in our presentation at the conference, but we’re excited to dive into more personal conversations with you all – let’s chat.

Missed our presentation? Watch it below:

PRESENTATION: “30 Days to an Annotated Virtual Repository — Without Changing DTAs”
30 Days to an Annotated Virtual Repository -- Without Changing DTAs