October 27 webinar featured image blog

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Title: Advancing Clinical Sample Management with a Virtual Sample Repository

Duration: 30 minutes

You’ll see how a virtual repository delivered via QuartzBio’s translational hub provides visibility into clinical sample status:

  • Sample visibility across studies, central labs, third party vendors, biorepositories, and disparate source systems
  • KPI dashboards that report sample status including collection, processing, testing, consent, expiration – while highlighting collection gaps and discrepancies.
  • Dynamic visualizations to quickly review expected vs actual sample status by patient, time point, and assay type

Abstract of the Webinar

Biomarker data generation involves a complex network of sites, central labs, biorepositories, and specialty testing labs. With multiple sample types, derivatives, and time-points – keeping track of samples and data generation timelines presents a significant challenge.​

Maintaining up-to-date sample records all too often requires manually searching inventories from multiple vendors and source systems (LIMs, PDFs, and Excel) – and then comparing against the protocol to make sure things are going according to plan. ​

Join us to see how clinical operations and translational teams are creating “Sponsor-centric” visibility into sample status across the lifecycle of collections, processing, testing, and storage.

Who should attend:

  • Translational Research Teams
  • Clinical Operations Teams
  • Office of the CIO/CTO
  • Data Management teams