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Join QuartzBio at the SCOPE 2021 virtual conference for the “Clinical Biomarkers Operations and Innovation” track on March 2.

PRESENTATION: “Centralizing PK, Clinical, and Exploratory Biospecimen Data to Streamline Trial Operations & Intelligence”

Clinical samples are frequently a logistical headache – managed too often in Excel files that are time-consuming to update, and quickly fall out of date. Modern biomarker-centric programs demand a focused strategy to provide timely visibility into sample availability and quality.

Dr. Tobi Guennel will share how clinical teams are leveraging technology to quickly and efficiently gain visibility into their clinical samples across sites, labs, and storage facilities.

You’ll see how this approach helps clinical teams:

  • Gain forward-looking visibility into expected sample collection, including as sample schedules may be forced to evolve.
  • Evaluate performance trends quickly and monitor site-level sample QC metrics, elevating issues for timely course correction.
  • Detect discrepancies early by comparing the plan in the study protocol to the sample inventories reported by sites, central lab, vendors, and biobanks — reported with dynamic dashboards and a collaborative interface.
  • Integrate and QC results data to develop a comprehensive exploratory data asset.

Don’t miss the live panel discussion immediately after the presentation, where Dr. Guennel and the other speakers will share success stories and how best practices have evolved in 2020:

“Winning Biomarker and Biospecimen Strategies”