Topcoder challenge on sequence alignment

Karl Forner and Claudia Armenise have participated at the Topcoder data science challenge. The event was sponsored by the Broad institute and Harvard university. The challenge consisted in finding ways of optimizing the alignment of multiple DNA sequences to a reference DNA, taking into account small differences, “errors”, in the sequences.

“This is a data analysis bottleneck for a lot of current Next Generation Sequencing applications” says Claudia.

After two weeks of challenge Karl and Claudia reached the top quarter of the 76 contestants.

“We gained a lot of insight on how to accelerate the alignment process” says Karl. “If we had a bit more time we would have also been able to optimize the accuracy of the algorithm to gain a higher score” he concludes. “We are looking forward to integrate these new findings in our data analysis pipelines”.

Well done Karl and Claudia !

Quartz Bio will be involved in the R Consortium ISC Code Coverage Working Group

Karl Forner, CIO of Quartz Bio has been invited to join the Code Coverage Working Group as part of the R Consortium, based on his previous work and contributions to R-coverage.
Code Coverage refers to the amount of code (for example in an R package) that is tested. Testing ensures that the code is fit for use. Therefore knowing what is actually being tested (covered) is essential to evaluate the robustness of software.

Quartz Bio now at the Geneva Campus Biotech

Quartz Bio has moved to the Geneva Campus Biotech. “Moving to your own offices is an important step in the life of a start-up”, says J. Wojcik CEO of Quartz Bio. “The FONGIT incubator has played an essential role in helping our company grow during the last three years”. The new offices will provide space to welcome our new collaborators in an innovation-driven environment aimed towards personalized medicine and digital health.

11th Annual Biomarkers Congress 2016

Quartz Bio will be sponsoring for the third time the Oxford Global Annual Biomarkers Congress (25th - 26th February - Manchester, UK). Come and meet us at our stand.

Celebrating our 3rd Anniversary

Quartz Bio is celebrating its 3rd anniversary. We thank all our clients for their renewed trust during these years and for their scientifically challenging projects. Thank you to all the Quarz Bio collaborators for making this venture a success story.

Quartz Bio attends the NextTrends event

As the business world becomes increasingly complex, so do the challenges facing today’s senior business leaders. And although CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, CFOs and CHROs agree that complexity is at an all-time high, they have differing views on what’s driving it, and, more important, how to address it. Leading executives will be on hand to discuss cutting-edge business challenges currently facing the Life Sciences industry which include topics such as the drivers of change, global business challenges, translation of innovation, innovation strategies. Sept. 22nd, 17h-19h @Campus Biotech Geneva