May 12 webinar Exploring IO Signatures QuartzBio

Watch the webinar on demand:

Title: Translational Intelligence: Exploring IO Signatures in Clinical Trial Genomic Data

Duration: 30 minutes

You will learn how to:

  • Visualize gene alterations and tumor mutational burden (TMB) using heatmaps and tables, with subject and time point granularity. ​
  • Identify genes of interest and candidate signatures using visualization and statistical methods to relate clinical response data and gene expression data to regions of genomic alteration.​
  • Correlate genomic data with known signatures of immuno-oncology (IO) response through integrations with public data, knowledgebases and sponsor data.​
  • Define patient subgroups to generate deeper biological/ mechanistic insights.

Abstract of the Webinar

Genomic data are frequently collected during clinical studies in oncology, autoimmune, CNS, and other biomarker-rich therapeutic areas. ​

Drawing insights from these vast and complex genomic datasets remains a challenge, because the data is rarely centralized and integrated in a way that enables analysis in the context of other assays and clinical metadata. ​

Join Tobi Guennel as he shares a case study detailing how translational teams are investigating omics data using advanced capabilities on the QuartzBio platform, uncovering trends that could be missed by visual inspection and other methods.​

About the Speaker:

Tobi Guennel, Ph.D.
SVP, Data Management
and Systems Integration
Chief Architect,
Precision QuartzBio

As the Chief Architect of our Data Integration and Informatics Platform, Tobi Guennel supports life science companies in their quest to improve patient care and outcomes. QuartzBio, part of Precision for Medicine, is providing a technology-enabled next-generation data science solution to accelerate drug development.