Custom Informatics

Custom Informatics

Expertise unleashes the power of data

We share the conviction that every patient is entitled to precision medicine. We are fervent believers in the power of data to reveal the hidden subgroups of patients who will benefit most from a therapy. We are the immunologists, statisticians, geneticists, systems biologists, data scientists, programmers, and software engineers who created QuartzBioSM. And we use it every day to help our clients generate value from large-scale heterogeneous biomedical data—managing, analyzing, exploring, interpreting, and reporting.

Our scientific team is available to help you harness the power of your biomarker data.

Meet the Team

Conquer the new frontier: Biomarker data management

Just as EDC technology revolutionized industry’s approach to clinical data management, QuartzBio revolutionizes the management of millions of pieces of biomarker data from various assays throughout clinical drug development. This complementary technology-enabled approach to biomarker data management solves the industry’s growing needs efficiently, flexibly, and in strict compliance with all regulatory requirements, such as 21 CFR Part 11.

Accelerate decision-making: Translational informatics
Whether you have high-throughput genomic data or high-content data for immune monitoring, we can meet the challenges of analyzing and synthesizing to help you fast-track new discoveries, identify drug targets, characterize mechanisms of action, and develop biomarkers for patient selection. Throughout, we leverage our technology platform, QuartzBio, so that you can accelerate your decision making.

Precision for Medicine supports life sciences companies in the use of biomarkers essential to targeting patients more precisely and effectively. Precision applies novel biomarker approaches to clinical research that take advantage of the latest advancements in science and technology, focusing predominantly on genomics, immune-response assays, global specimen logistics, biomarker analytics, companion diagnostics, and clinical trial execution.