Thursday, 22 January 2015 00:00

How we work

Transparency of service and Reproducible Research are fundamental values of all that we do. 


Each project is reviewed with the client in terms of deliverables, scientific expertise and timelines. A detailed, modular quote is provided listing all the deliverables, the timelines and the price of each deliverable.

Generally all the data analysis projects will start with the writing of an exploratory statistical analysis plan (SAP). This document will be used as the blueprint of the analysis that will be performed. It describes all the operations that will be performed on the data and the expected outputs. The data analysis will start once the SAP has been reviewed and accepted by the client.

Data Reception

Following the reception of the data files we issue a data qualification report. This document ensures that we have received the correct files. If satisfactory, we proceed to the data management and quality control of the data.


We view each analysis as a dedicated software. All the code developed to perform the analysis is provided as part of the results. In this way we guarantee that our clients are able to assess and reproduce the analysis. 

All exploratory data analysis projects must be inherently flexible and allow room for innovation and unexpected results. We implement this flexible approach in all our analyses. We document and report all potential deviations from the initial analysis plan.

The code written for the analysis is tested for the consistency of the data, the analysis algorithms that are applied and the final results.

Reporting and Biological Assessment

We review the results of the analyses from both a statistical and biological perspective. We report the results using literate programming to ensure that the reported results are accurate and up to date, and include data-tailored visualisations.