Reproducible Research: Computational Expertise


We strongly believe that scientific excellence is driven by transparency and collaboration. All our analyses are performed using open source software.

Statistical Programming

All the steps in our analysis pipeline are streamlined through statistical programming. Programming is a fundamental skill for Quartz Bio staff, which allows to continuously extend and improve our data analysis platform. We apply a test-driven approach to scientific computing.


Access to latest data analysis algorithms

Using open source software we provide our clients with the latest developments in data analysis algorithms and visualizations. We use R, one of the most cited statistical programming languages.


Reproducible Research

Using open source software makes it possible for our customers to re-perform and visualize the analyses without the need of additional software licenses. We build each analysis as a custom-made software. Using DOCKER, we ensure that the software is portable and deployable.


Driving the field

Quartz Bio actively contributes to open source software development, particularly in the R community.

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