Multiple biomarker platforms


Biomarkers are the measurable characteristics of an individual. As such they differ not only in their nature but also in the way they are measured. We support the analysis of biomarker data collected from multiple biotechnological platforms. We integrate our biological and biotechnological knowledge in the quality control and analysis of data of each of these platforms.

Our senior scientist team has a longstanding experience of exploratory biomarker data analyses in the pharmaceutical industry, from phase I to IV across a range of therapeutic areas, including immuno-oncology, endocrinology, neurology, etc…

Furthermore, our expertise spans across multiple biomarker technological platforms such as genetics, transcriptomics, protein assays and cellular assays.


  • Affymetrix GeneChip®
  • TaqMan®
  • HLA PCR-based assay
  • Affymetrix DMET Plus
  • Affymetrix GeneTitan®
  • Illumina® HiSeq/MiSeq
  • Illumina® GoldenGate
  • Sanger sequencing
  • FISH
  • IonTorrent™ AmpliSeq
  • TCR sequencing


  • Affymetrix 3’ IVT
  • TaqMan®
  • TaqMan® low density array
  • Affymetrix miRNA array
  • Illumina® HiSeq/MiSeq
  • TaqMan® miRNA
  • Nanostring
  • Affymetrix GeneChip® HTA 2.0


  • Luminex®
  • Somalogic SOMAscan
  • IHC
  • SILAC phospho-protein
  • NMR metabolomics
  • MS lipidomics
  • Caprion MRM
  • Myriad RBM
  • Theranostics Heatlh RPPA


  • CTC
  • BlueScreen HC
  • Flow cytometry
  • Phospho-flow cytometry
  • metagenomics

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