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Many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and Biotechs companies trust Quartz Bio for their bioinformatics and clinical project analysis. Quartz Bio is also participating to the IMI PRECISESADS initiative.

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With more than 100 projects analysed so far, we have acquired an unrivalled expertise in different therapeutic areas and using various biomarkers platform.


Inflammatory autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus affect 1-3% of the population, and while treatments exist, these are costly and have a number of serious side effects. There is growing evidence that many of these conditions may be incorrectly classified. The PRECISESADS project will study 2 500 people with various autoimmune diseases, gathering data on the molecular causes of their disease as well as their clinical symptoms. Using this information, they will pave the way for a new classification of these diseases, something that will allow doctors to offer patients more personalised treatments at an earlier stage of their disease.

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