Mission and Values

We all share a fervent and passionate will to contribute to the change in medicine.

Our expertise aims at helping our clients generate value from large-scale biomedical data through managing, analysing, exploring, interpreting and reporting heterogeneous data.

The power of association

What does a group of scientists with educational backgrounds as diverse as cell biology, physiology, physics, mathematics and computer science have in common?

They are all fervent believers in the power of association; that is, the power of data to reveal the hidden subgroups of patients who will benefit most from a therapy.

They also share the conviction that every patient should be entitled to precision medicine.

Reproducible Research

“Reproducible Research is the practice of distributing, along with a result, all data, software source code, and tools required to reproduce this result”

We strongly believe that scientific excellence is driven by transparency and collaboration. All our analyses are performed using open source softwares and under the principle of reproducible research.

Using open source softwares, we provide our clients with the latest developments in data analysis algorithms and visualizations. We use R, one of the most cited statistical programming languages.

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